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The name ‘Manyara’ comes from the Masai word ‘emanyara’ which is a species of plant indigenous to the area. The Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp is an exclusive wilderness camp set amongst the rugged hills and cliffs of the 600 meter high Rift Valley Escarpment while looking down upon the gigantic Lake Manyara. The lake and jungle are spread out over an impressive 330 square kilometers and the grounds are home to a diverse range of wildlife including elephants; hippos; giraffes; leopards; lions and over 400 different species of birds including flamingos.

Tanzania has a varied geography, including large freshwater and salt lakes, National Parks, and Africa's highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m/19,341 ft.). North-east Tanzania where Lake Manyara is located is in a mountainous region which includes mountains such as Meru, Kilimanjaro, the Usambara and Paremountain ranges.

West of those mountains is the Great Rift Valley, which has a number of large salt lakes on the floors of the giant valleys created, including Natron, Manyara and Eyasi with Lake Manyara being the most notable. The rift also encompasses the Crater Highlands, which includes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Lake Manyara National Park is located within a 15 minutes’ drive of the Camp location. Similarly, Serengeti National Park as well as Ngorongoro National Park are within driving distance as well.

Let the Luxury Safari Adventure begin at Lake Manyara Wildlife Camp

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